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Analyzing Cash Flows of Master Limited Partnerships

Stock Quotes

BPL78.00  chart-0.06
BWP16.01  chart-0.05
EPB33.25  chart+0.01
EPD73.92  chart+0.18
ETP56.10  chart-0.53
KMP76.99  chart-0.42
MMP74.43  chart+1.09
NGLS61.79  chart-0.25
CEQP14.09  chart+0.17
RGP27.53  chart+0.36
PAA57.00  chart-0.04
SPH43.38  chart+0.18
WPZ52.21  chart+0.32
NLY11.41  chart+0.12
AGNC22.36  chart+0.23
2014-04-22 16:00

ETP: A Closer Look at Energy Transfer Partners' Distributable Cash Flow as of 1Q 2012

Author: Ron Hiram

Published: May 14, 2012

In an article titled “Distributable Cash Flow (“DCF”) I present the definition of DCF used by Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. (ETP) and provide a comparison to definitions used by other MLPs. Using ETP’s definition, DCF for the trailing 12 months (“TTM”) period ending 3/31/12 was $5.17 per unit [...]

ETP: A Closer Look at Cash Flow Implications of Energy Transfer Partners' Transformative Transactions

Author: Ron Hiram

Date published: May 3, 2012

In an article titled “A Closer Look at Energy Transfer Partners’ 2011 Distributable Cash Flow” published February 25, 2012, I reviewed some of the significant developments occurring at Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. (ETP):

Entering the natural gas liquids (“NGL”) business through the $1.35 billion acquisition of LDH [...]